Do i have to head to your office to renew my insurance?

No, you can give us a call during office hours and we will be able to provide assistance over the phone. However, we do welcome all clients to our office should you feel more comfortable. We do accept the following modes of payment: cash, cheque, internet transfer and credit cards. Do give us a call for further details.

Can you provide same day dispatch/delivery service of my insurance policy?

This is provided on a case to case basis and can be communicated with our staff. Do let us know your concerns and we will try to accommodate to our utmost best efforts.

Can you advise me what should i do when i met with a motor accident or other accident?

We have allocated a whole section of “what to dos” in our “Claims page”. Kindly click on the link to bring you to that page for detailed references.

I have sold my vehicle but my insurance has not expire. Can i get a refund for the insurance cancellation?

Yes, a cancellation may be done. Simply email us at with “Insurance Cancellation” as your email subject, and attach your “Sale and Purchase Agreement”, “Original Certificate of Insurance”, and instructions to cancel.

Will we receive a hardcopy of the certificate of insurance? / Is a hardcopy of the Certificate of Insurance necessary? (For Motor/Travel Insurance/Other Commercial Insurance)

Yes, we will mail out a copy of the Original Certificate of Insurance after policy is covered or renewed. As Insurers are moving towards a more eco-friendly approach, soft copies of the insurance certificate and policies are also verified as originals and this is highly advisable. Do keep them in your emails should you need to refer to it for support.

Can I renew my road tax at your office?

Unfortunately, we are unable to renew your road tax in our office.